We are the stockist of these books:

A Collectors’ Guild to Modern Australia Ceramics Janet Mansfield
A History of World Pottery Cooper
A Meditation of Fire: The Art of James C. Watkins Kippra D. Hopper
American Art Pottery David Rago
Architectural ceramics- For the Studio Potter Peter King
Ash Glazes Robed Tichane
Casting for Sculpture Vincent Butler
Celadon Blues Robert Tichane
Ceramic Form: Design & Decoration Peter Lane
Ceramic Formulae: The Complete Compendium Conrad
Ceramics in South Australia – From Folk To Studio Pottery Noris Ioannou
Ceramic Technology for Potters and Sculptors Yvonne Hutchinson Cuff
Chinese Glazes- A Comprehensive Guild to Chinese Glazes Nigel Wood
Clay & Glazes for the Potter Daniel Rhodes
Clay and Glazes in Studio Ceramics David Scott
Claywork: Form and idea in Ceramic Design Leon I. Nigrosh
Coiled Pottery: Traditional and Contemporary Ways Betty Blandino
Color and Fire: Defining Moments in Studio Ceramics Jo Lauria
Copper Red Glazes Tichane
Contemporary Ceramic Ad In Australia & New Zealand Janet Mansfield
Contemporary Porcelain: Materials, Techniques & Expressions Peter Lane
Cooper’s Book of Glaze Recipes Emmanuel Cooper
Creating With Polymer Clay: Designs, Techniques & Projects Steven Ford/Leslie Dierks
Creative Effect for Porcelain & Ceramic Brown
Crystalline Glaze Diane Creber
Designing Interiors with Tile: Creative Ideas in Ceramic, Stone, and Mosaic A. Kasabian & Goodman
Dictionary of Glass Charles Bray
Easy Design Techniques for Porcelain Tailor Wones
Easy Onglaze Techniques for Potters Tailor
Electric Kiln Book Fraser
Electric Kiln Ceramics: A Guild to Clays and Glazes Richard Zakin
Extruded Ceramics: Techniques, Projects Inspirations Diana Pancioli
From Clay to Bronze: A Studio Guide to Figurative Sculpture Tuck Langland
Functional Pottery: Form & aesthetics in Pots Of Purpose Hopper
Fun With Clay Andori
Glazes Cone 6 Michael Bailey
Glazes & Glazing Techniques Greg Daly
Glazes for the Studio Potter Cooper / Royte
Great Pots: Contemporary Ceramics from fusion to Fantasy Ulysses Dietz / Garth C.
Hamada Potter Bernard Leech
Handbuilding Ceramic Forms Elsbeth S. Woody
Handbuilt Ceramics: Pinching, Coiling, Extruding Molding Kathy Triplett
Handcrafted Ceramic Tiles Mike Jones/Janis Fanning
Hand-Formed Ceramics: Creating Form and Surface Richard Zakin
Handmade Tiber Designing, Making, Decorating Frank Giorgini
Hands on Sculpting Dottie Erdmann
Ideas for Great Tile Sunset PUB
Impressed & Incised Ceramics Coil Minoque
Japanese Pottery Handbook Simpson & Co.
Lustre for China Painters & Potters Tailor
Macro – Crystalline Glazes: The Challenge of Crystals Peter llsley
Made In Japan Ceramics Book III- Collectors Guild To Iden Carole Bess White
Make Your Own Ceramic Decals Healy
Making Mosaics: 15 stylish projects from start to finish Martin Cheek
Making Mosaics: Designs, Techniques & Projects Leslie Dierks
Modeling the Head in Clay Bruno Lucchesi
Modeling the Figure in Clay Bruno Lucchesi
Modeling and Sculpture the Human Figure Edouard Lanteri
Modeling A Likeness In Clay Grubbs
Mosaics: Design Sourcebook Martin Cheek
Moulded & Slip Cast Pottery & Cermaics David Cowley
New Sculpture Nevill Drury
Out of the Earth, into The Fire Painted Ceramics: Colour and imaged on Clay Obstler
Painted Ceramics: Colour and Imagery on Clay Brenda Pegrum
Porcelain Painting: The Latest Technique Catherine Bergoin
Potter’s Complete Book of Clay & Glazes Revised Chappell
Potter’s Workshop- 20 Unique Ceramic Project Jenny Rodwell
Pottery and Ceramic Lisa Gardner
Pottery – A Complete Guide to Pottery-Making Techniques Tony Birks
Pottery Materials, Their Composition, Preparation & Use John Colbeck
Pottery – technique of Decoration John Colbeck
Pottery – Technique of Throwing John Colbeck
Practical Solutions for Potters – 100s of Your Top question Gill Bliss
Raku – A Practical Approach Steven Branfman
Raku – A Review of Contemporary Work Tim Andrews
Raku Pottery Robert Piepenberg
Resist & Masking Techniques Peter Bread
Salt Glazed Ceramics Janet Mansfield
Sawdust Firing Karin Hessenberg
Sculptural Ceramics Gregory
Sculpture; Principles and practice Louis, Siobodkin
Shoji Ramada Susan Peterson
Single airing – The Pros and Cons Fran Tristran
Smoke Fired Pottery Perryman
Soda Glazing Ruthanne Tudball
Start Painting Pottery & Bisque Scott Blades
Step By Step Art School – Ceramics Christy / Pearch
Step By Step pottery & Ceramics Espi
STEP-BY-STEP Tiling Projects- Better Home & Gardens Meredith PUB
Stoneware Glazes – A Systematic Approach Ian Currie
Studio Pottery Oliver Watson
Surface Decoration for Low-Fire ceramics Lynn Peters
Terra Cotta Bruno Lucchesi
The Art of Firing Nils Lou
The Art of Rosanjin Cardozo / Hirano
The Art of Mosaic Design: A Collection of Contemporary Artists Joann Locktov
The Artists’ Guide To Firing Pottery Mernott
The Best of Pottery Jonathan L. Fairbanks
The Big Book of Ceramics: A Guide to the History, Materials, Equipment and Techniques of Hand-Building, Throwing, Molding, Kiln-Firing and Glazing Pottery and Other Ceramic Objects Joaquin Chavarria
The Ceramic Design book: A Gallery of Contemporary Work Chris Rich
The Ceramic Spectrum Robin Hopper
The Clay Lover’s Guide to Making Mould Peirce Clayton
The Complete Practical Potter Josie Warshaw
The Complete Potter Steve Mattison
The Complete Potters’ Series: Animal Forms Wren
The Complete Potters’ Series: Hand Built Ceramic Walter
The Complete Potters’ Series: Lustres Clinton
The Complete Potters’ Series: Pots For Plants & Gardens Higgins
The Complete Potters’ Series: Raku Byers
The Complete Potters’ Series: Slip & Slipware Phillips
The Complete Potters’ Series: Throwing Richard Phethean
The Craft and Art of Clay – A Complete Potter’s Handbook Susan Peterson
The encyclopedia of Pottery Techniques Peter Cosentino
The Encyclopedia of Sculpture Techniques John Plowman
The Handmade Tile Book Liza Gardner
The Kiln Book Frederick Olsen
The New Ceramics – Trends + Traditions Peter Dormer
The Portrait in Clay Peter Rubino
The Potter’s Alternate Davis
The Potter’s Art Garth Clack
The Potter’s Book of Glaze Recipes Cooper
The Potter’s Complete Book of Clay and Glazes James Chappell
The Potter’s Dictionary of Materials and Techniques Frank & Janet Hammer
The Potter’s Directory of Shape and Form Neal French
The Potter’s Manual: Complete, Practical Essential-Reference Kenneth Clark
The Potter’s Palette Christine Constant / Steve
The Potter’s primer- A Step-by-step Guide Morgen Hall
The Potter’s Professional Handbook Steven Branfman
The Potter’s Project Book Cosentino
The Potter’s Workbook Rowe
The Technique of Pottery John Colbeck
The Tile Decorating Book- Designing and Hand-painting Tiles Marion Elliot
The Spirit of Clay – A Classic Guide to Ceramics Robert Piepepburg
Throwing Pot Phil Rogers
Tile Style Pattern Guide Jill Blake
Tin-Glazed Eathernware Daphue Carnegy
What Every Potter Should Know Jeff Zamek
Wheel-Thrown Ceramics – Altering, Trimming, Adding, Finishing Don Davis
Wood-Fired Stoneware and Porcelain Jack Troy
Zen and the Art of Pottery Kenneth R. Beittel
500 Bowls: contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Design Suzanne Tourtillott
500 Teapots: Contemporary Explorations of a timeless Design Suzanne Tourtillott


Ceramic Art Taiwan (4 Issues)
Ceramic Art and Perception Australia (4 Issues)
Ceramic Monthly USA (9 Issues)
Ceramic Technical Australia (2 Issues)
Craft Arts International Australia (4 Issues)
Pottery in Australia Australia (4 Issues)
Pottery Making USA (4 Issues)


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