HY-Texture Glaze

There are currently no color charts available online for HY-Texture Glaze. If you wish to view the colors, please contact Sam Mui Kuang Pottery via email, or visit our shop located at Yio Chu Kang.

Other types of glazes available:

HY Liquid Texture Glaze supplied with 500g and 1kg onward. This is equivalent to 500ml and 1 litre etc. They all are suitable for Dipping, Brush-On and Spraying. Brush-On for 3 coats and Spraying for 3 layers for best results. Please note that allow the glaze dry before apply on another coat.


HY Clear Gloss Glaze – Code and Description:

TG-T100 1200C to 1260C Low
TG-T116 1080C to 1250C High
TG-T174 1020C to 1160C High
TG-T175 1020C to 1180C High
TG-T603 1180C to 1280C Low
TG-T606 1180C to 1280C Low


HY Clear Gloss Glaze – Code and Description:

TG-AG Apple Green 1200C High
TG-BRB Barium Blue 1200C Low
TG-BC Biege Crackle 1200C High
TG-BGL Black Gloss 1200C Low
TG-BM Black Matt 1200C High
TG-BPK Blossom Pink 1200C High
TG-BGY Blue Grey 1200C High
TG-BGM Blue Grey Matt 1200C/1250C Low
TG-BG Blue Gum 1200C Low
TG-BS Blue Stone 1200C Low
TG-BT Blue Turquoise 1200C Low
TG-BR Brilliant Red 1200C High
TG-BZ Bronze 1200C Low
TG-BB Brown Black 1200C Low
TG-BST Brown Star 1200C Low
TG-CC Celadon Crackle 1200C High
TG-CDG Celadon Green 1200C High
TG-CGC Celadon Green Crackle 1200C High
TG-CBR Chocolate Brown 1200C Low
TG-CB Chun Blue 1200C High
TG-CLG Cloudy Grey 1200C Low
TG-CPR Copper Rust 1200C Low
TG-CR Coral Red 1200C High
TG-CG Crackle Green 1200C High
TG-CW Crackle White 1200C High
TG-CY Crackle Yellow 1200C High
TG-DG Dark Green 1200C High
TG-DP Deep Plum 1200C High
TG-ERP Erbium Pink 1200C High
TG-GB Geoff Brown 1200C/1260C Low
TG-GHF Golden Hare Fur 1200C Low
TG-GM Green Matt 1200C Low
TG-HBL Hare-Fur Blue 1200C Low
TG-HBR Hare-Fur Brown 1200C Low
TG-HFP Hare-Fur Pink 1200C Low
TG-HB Honey Brown 1200C Low
TG-ICB Ice Blue 1200C High
TG-IPG Imperial Green 1200C High
TG-IB Iron Brown 1200C Low
TG-IK Iron Kaki 1210C Low
TG-JG Jade Green 1200C High
TG-LTE Lemon Tea 1200C Low
TG-LY Lemon Yellow 1200C Low
TG-LB Light Blue 1200C High
TG-LJG Light Jade Green 1200C High
TG-LL Lilac Purple 1200C High
TG-LT Lustre Turquoise 1200C High
TG-MB Magic Black 1200C Low
TG-MBC Matt Blue Crackle 1200C High
TG-MGC Matt Green Crackle 1200C High
TG-MOC Matt Orange Crackle 1200C High
TG-MPC Matt Pink Crackle 1200C High
TG-MWC Matt White Crackle 1200C High
TG-MYC Matt Yellow Crackle 1200C High
TG-MCG Micro Crystal Green 1200C High
TG-MBL Milky Blue 1200C High
TG-MTG Mint Green 1200C High
TG-MC Mocha 1200C Low
TG-MOB Mottle Black 1200C Low
TG-MOG Mottle Green 1200C Low
TG-MOP Mother of Pearl 1200C Low
TG-NMB Namoku Blue 1200C Low
TG-NVB Navy Blue 1200C Low
TG-OM Oatmeal 1200C Low
TG-OW Off White 1200C Low
TG-OG Olive Green 1200C Low
TG-OR Orange 1200C High
TG-PPM Pastel Pink Matt 1200C High
TG-PB Peacock Blue 1200C Low
TG-PKM Pink Matt 1210C Low
TG-PK Pumpkin 1200C High
TG-PP Purple 1200C High
TG-PM Purple Matt 1200C Low
TG-RP Rose Pink 1200C High
TG-RW Rosewood 1200C Low
TG-RG Rust Green 1200C Low
TG-SMP Satin Matt Pinky 1200C Low
TG-STW Satin White 1200C Low
TG-SHB Shino Beige 1200C High
TG-SW Shino White 1200C Low
TG-SP Shocking Pink 1210C Low
TG-SB Sky Blue 1200C High
TG-SPG Speckle Green 1200C Low
TG-SPW Speckle White 1210C Low
TG-SPY Speckle Yellow 1210C Low
TG-SY Sun Yellow 1200C High
TG-TAN Tan Brown 1200C High
TG-TD Tea Dust 1210C Low
TG-TMK Tenmoku Black 1200C Low
TG-TMR Tenmoku Brown 1200C Low
TG-TBL Texture Blue 1200C Low
TG-TBR Texture Brown 1200C Low
TG-TGR Texture Green 1200C Low
TG-TR Tomato Red 1200C High
TG-TL Translucent 1200C Low
TG-TC Transparent Crackle 1200C High
TG-TBM Turquoise Blue Matt 1200C High
TG-TM Turqioise Matt 1200C Low
TG-TQG Turquoise Green 1190C Low
TG-VB Vivid Blue 1200C High
TG-WG White Gloss 1200C High
TG-WM White Matt 1200C High


For more information regarding the product and/or the price, feel free to contact us or email us.