We supply the following Colouring Oxides:

Chromium Oxide
Cobalt Carbonate
Cobalt Oxide
Copper Carbonate
Copper Carbonate (F)
Copper Oxide Black
Copper Oxide Red
Copper Sulphate
Erbium Oxide (Pink)
Illmenite Sand / Fine
Iron Oxide Black
Iron Oxide Red
Iron Oxide Yellow
Lithium Carbonate (F)
Lithium Carbonate (G)
Manganese Carbonate
Manganese Dioxide
Neodymium Oxide
Nickle Oxide
Praseodymium Dioxide
Rutile Flour
Strontium Carbonate
Tin Oxide
Titanium Dioxide
Yellow Ochre
Zinc Oxide
Zirconium Silicate

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