The top kiln manufacturer, Nabertherm, provides a variety of kilns for firing ceramics. Nabertherm kilns can reach a maximum temperature of 1340 °C, which covers the entire spectrum of ceramic firing operations. Nabertherm Controllers use digital technology to control the firing process. Not to mention how simple it is to operate a Nabertherm kiln.



Front Loader Kilns

Nabertherm N140E

Nabertherm N210E Front Loader Kiln with controller B400

Electrically heated chamber kiln with GS safety mark
Technical specification for N 210E

Inner dimensions: 500 x 580 x 700 mm (wxdxh)
Outer dimensions: 710 x 1050 x 1560 mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 270 kg
Power rating: 11,0 kW
Supply voltage: 415 V
Max. operating temperature: 1300°C
Volume: 210 liter
Charging height: 800 mm
Kiln width for transport: 710 mm
  • Heating from three sides (left/right side and bottom)
  • Heating elements embedded in grooves for protection
  • Special arrangement of heating elements ensures good temperature distribution
  • Low-noise operation of the heating with SolidStateRelais
  • Precise temperature distribution thanks to the fast clocking of switching operations
  • Solid, double-walled door with brick surface on both ends sealing (no fibre sealing is used, since it is susceptible to wear and tear)
  • Door hinges on the right side
  • Door is adjustable and can be locked with padlock
  • Rugged housing design
  • High-quality Pt-RhPt thermocouple for exact temperature measurements
  • Door contact switch with force-release mechanism
  • Delivery includes ceramic shelve for level mounting
  • Environment-friendly, long-life powder-coating of housing
  • Infinitely adjustable bottom damper
  • Air outlet in the centre of ceiling ensures good circulation inside the furnace chamber
  • Base included
  • Delivery includes pipe connection for connecting an air outlet (80 mm diameter)
  • GS safety mark for controlled safety, CE


Controller B400

  • Integrated in the door of the furnace for a convenient operation
  • Easy and individual programming
  • Clear, high-contrast, blue-white LC-Display
  • Status signal with text indicator
  • 5 programs can be stored with 4 segments for each program.
  • Adjustable start time of the furnace (e.g. for using night-time current)
  • Adjustable holding temperature and dwell time
  • Delayed cooling down adjustable
  • 2 Bisque- and 3 glaze-firing-programs are pre-set as example programs, free changeable
  • Input of the programs in increments of 1°C and/or 1min.
  • Detailed information menu with:
    • Integrated operating hours counter
    • Integrated kilowatt-hour counter
    • Object time
    • Saving of max. program temperature
    • Saving of error messages
    • Display of the heating power
  • Data interface RS 422 for connecting to a computer (as option)
  • Automatic optimization
  • Low maintenance
  • Detailed instruction manual for kiln and controller

Environmental conditions for electrical equipment: temperature +5°C up to +40°C.
Humidity < 80%, not precipitating.


Set kiln furniture for N 210E

Consisting of:

  • 5 shelves with the dimension of 550 x 410 x 18 mm
  • 12 cones with a length of 50 mm
  • 9 cones with a length of 100 mm

Intended Use:
The offered kiln is designed for firing of clay and glazes, glass or china painting. It is necessary to follow the producers firing instructions for each material.

This furnace does not provide for a safety system for processes generating explosive gas mixtures, e.g. debinding processes. If used for these kinds of processes the concentration of organic gases in the furnace must never exceed 3% of the lower explosion level. This precondition is not only valid for normal operation but in particular for exceptional circumstances, e.g. process failures (caused by a module breakdown, etc.).

Nabertherm offers a wide range of furnaces which are specially designed for processes generating explosive gas mixtures. We would be pleased to offer you a suitable furnace for your application.


For more detailed information of Nabertherm kilns, kindly download the following PDF documents: